Kubernetes Namespaces as a Service

Managed Namespaces for a smooth Kubernetes experience.

Start with our Free Tier, no credit card required.




We take care of the platform so you can focus on what matters.


You can create or delete namespaces whenever you need them.


Sandboxing, network policies and other technologies help to share a cluster.

Managed Kubernetes vs K8Spin

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes are part of the solution but you still have to manage other pieces like Ingress, Logging, Metrics...

Even if the masters are free, the LoadBalancer alone is usually 15€ and you pay for full machines.

K8Spin Cloud

We take care of everything under your application managing all the pieces that will allow you to focus on your application.

You only pay for your reserved resources and share infrastructure to lower costs.


You can create unlimited namespaces with assigned resources that will be charged by the minute.





Angel Barrera


From fullstack developer to devops, SRE, cloud architect, automation engineer... put your innovative role here. You can find me on twitter at @AngelBarrera92

Pau Rosello


Pau is an engineer with a passion for technology and a platform developer with Kubernetes. You can find me on twitter at @paurosello


The idea is to provide an isolated and secure kubernetes namespaces on-demand on a shared cluster.

Explore our namespace as a service idea.

Based on vanilla kubernetes and a curated collection of cloud-native software like OPA, Prometheus, Grafana, etc... along with our software solution that make them all work together.

Take a look to our architecture components.

It will be in the future. Please contact us to get more information

We don't have an SLA but we expect to have a stable platform and improve over time.

Not right now, but we expect to make it work soon. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates will also work with custom domains.

Of course :) You don't even need a credit card to start.

100mC of CPU and 128Mb of RAM will allways be free and discounted from your invoices.

Log in to the console and create your first namespace.

If you need more resources and limits you will have to enable payments.

Once you enable your subscription, you will be charged for your namespaces every 30 days.

Billing is managed by Stripe, one of the safest ways to pay online.

Write and email to admin@k8spin.cloud and we will try to fix it ASAP.

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