Kubernetes Namespaces as a Service

Managed Namespaces for a smooth Kubernetes experience.

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Angel Barrera


From fullstack developer to devops, SRE, cloud architect, automation engineer... put your innovative role here.

Pau Rosello


Engineer with passion for technology. If you can make it, you can automate it.


The idea is to provide an isolated and secure kubernetes namespaces on demand on a shared cluster.

Explore our namespace as a service idea.

Based on vanilla kubernetes and a curated collection of cloud native software like OPA, prometheus, grafana, etc... along with our software solution that make them all work together.

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It will be in the future. Please contact us to get more information

K8spin intends to hide kubernetes operations complexity so you don't have to worry about it.

We have work to do, meanwhile capacity is limited so Namespaces have an expiration date. This allow different people have the opportunity to test the platform. We hope to change this behavior as we leave the BETA phase.

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