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K8Spin was born as a SaaS offering a disruptive concept in the market: Kubernetes namespaces as a Service. Now you can enjoy the multi-tenant capabilities of Kubernetes in your own cluster.

K8Spin Operator

It is the solution you need in your platform to manage internal budgets for your work teams and departments. Invoice your teams for the use of the cluster, easily manage access to organizations, tenants or spaces, isolate execution environments to meet legal requirements and much more with this operator.

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More OSS projects

Loki multi-tenant proxy

Loki was designed to provide multi-tenant logging capabilities out of the box and this is why we love it, but it does not provide any authentication layer.

Grafana Operator

Grafana is another software who was built with the multi-tenant concept in its DNA. We wanted to make it super simple to manage a Grafana instance just with Kubernetes CRDs.

Prometheus multi-tenant proxy

K8Spin team has built an authentication layer and query rewriter to provide multi-tenant features to Prometheus.


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Join the conversation. We are open to talk at any time in the Kubernetes Slack Group (find us in our dedicated channel #k8spin). We use the channel to talk about multi-tenant challenges and solutions.

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